A Proven Progressive Enters YYC’s Mayoral Race

Former cabinet minister and MLA Kent Hehr running for mayor

CALGARY, AB (September 6, 2021) Longtime Calgary politician Kent Hehr is announcing his plans to run for mayor in the Calgary municipal election.

“Frankly, this wasn’t my plan. But I haven’t seen a truly progressive candidate who will continue to establish Calgary’s reputation as a forward-thinking city.”

Hehr will file his papers Tuesday morning. He knows Calgarians will have questions about why he decided to run, and what he hopes to add to the race, and looks forward to answering any and all questions in detail.

“I want to bring growth, fairness and collaboration to council,” says Hehr, “Right now we have a race full of ideas we’ve heard before, people without much experience, people who were conservatives until about a minute ago. and people who just added to the infighting and

dysfunction of City Hall.”

The exact details of Kent’s platform will roll out over the next few days. Some of his main priorities are:

  • Returning Calgary to economic growth
  • Prioritizing transit
  • Gender-responsive urban planning
  • Property tax reform

Kent will be filing his papers Tuesday morning at 10:00 AM.


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