A City that Works

I love my city and community and want more than anything for Calgary to be a city that works. I am committed to finding ways to help Calgarians connect with their city council and organize procedures to make an organization that works for Calgary. Given my background working with people from different levels in government and those that are across party lines to find commonality I believe we will be able to work together on the issues that matter. I have always been approachable as a politician and have brought people from diverse groups and conflicting opinions together to work towards a common goal.

Some of the areas I will be focusing on as mayor include:

  • Spending time with city council to establish norms that are respective and inclusive for members to establish focus on the issues and remove the name-calling from meetings.
  • Modernizing city council’s approach to support the ability of Calgarians to provide input on the issues that matter to them
  • Making transparency a focus of my mandate so Calgarians have confidence in the inner workings of city hall.
  • Improve citizens in accessing and navigating the areas of city government so Calgarians can find what they need in a simple format to achieve their goal.

Over the coming weeks, you will see greater details about how together we can make a Calgary city council that works.